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Hello, our hope is to use this blog as a creative outlet for some of our life’s little adventures. From time to time we will document some of our family excursions which will undoubtedly include exploring, metal detecting, and hiking, along with many other things. And, since we are teachers, don’t be surprised to find a quick history or science lesson on here as well. This should be fun!


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Summer Summer Summer Time

Well Summer time is finally upon us. Which means we will all be home to help out with chores. To keep my sanity, rather than constantly reminding my kids to get their chores done. I can simply print this out, post it on the fridge, and make the kids accountable for their actions.  This chore chart will help them see what they have done and what they still need to do. I don’t care when they do but just as long as it gets done. As they finish a chore, they will simply move a magnet from the “To Do” list to the “Done”. It’s a great visual for me and for them.

As a family, we do not offer our children an allowance. Our thought is, is that we are a family, and we should ALL be helping keeping our home clean.  It is not just mom and dad’s thing, but everyone. We all make a mess.

So with that being said, I wanted to create a chore chart for the kids and wanted to share the file with all of you! I got the idea from The Crafting Chicks blog, they have some really great posts.

I wanted to provide to all of our subscribers a free copy.  This is in the form of a Google doc. so with all google docs that you want to edit, you will click on file and then “make a copy”, at this point it will send a copy of this file to your drive in which you have all editing capabilities. This will allow you to create your own chore chart that best meets the needs of your family.


Chore Chart


Jordan the Aussie!

Meet ‘Jordan’ the newest member of the family. She’s about 8 weeks old and 15 lbs. Australian Shepherds are known to be very smart, loyal, protective, and tireless working dogs.

Turkey Mountain! 1/21/17

So, our clan began our Turkey Mountain journey around 11am at the head of the ‘Yellow’ trail. The weather was great for January and the parking area was packed. We found the perfect spot for a quick break about 1 mile in…

(Above) We stopped for some pictures at an outcropping which overlooks the Arkansas River. As you will see below, there are many large boulders and rock walls to explore along this trail.

After following the ‘Yellow’ trail to its loop back towards civilization, we decided to jump over to the ‘Pink’ trail which meanders into the western portion of Turkey Mountain and passes next to a small lake called ‘Pepsi Lake’. There are several old rusty Pepsi truck trailers from many years ago.

At this point we were about 2.5 miles along so we stopped at a waterfall area for lunch. The water wasn’t flowing but the outcropping made for a good sitting area.

Afterwards, we continued on the trail to find some old structure that we couldn’t identify. At this point we had criss-crossed our way approximately 5 miles.

Now, tired from 3 hours of hiking and carrying our littlest one we decided to head back, though still over 2 miles from our starting point. We bit off a little more than we could chew and we were dragging ourselves along the rest of the way.

We never saw the Mountain Lion which has been reported to inhabit the area, but we had a great time exploring as a family. We recommend this urban wilderness to anyone. There is many miles of marked trails, and many more unmarked. There’s evidence of old oil and natural gas wells to be found and even some relics of perhaps old habitation of the area. There’s also a few petroglyphs of unknown origin and carvings on many rocks by locals which often have dates scored into the sandstone from the turn of last century. In addition, anthropologists have found Native American relics in many areas on the mountain.

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